Bamboo Palm Tree Indoor

Bamboo Palm Tree Indoor

Generally its clean and just seems to have that little extra that makes happy plants. Dont purchase a plant that is wilting or has brown foliage.

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Bamboo palm is a shade loving plant and proper aeration and watering are needed for its good growth.

Bamboo palm tree indoor. Also known as the bamboo palm the areca palm dypsis lutescens is popular because of its soft fronds and tolerance for low light. These plants are perfect for any yard size and are cultivated outdoors across usda. Choosing a bamboo palm plant best species one of the most commonly grown bamboo palm species chamaedorea seifrizii is prone to fungal infections.

Its the chamaedorea seifrizii commonly known as the bamboo palm indoor plant or reed palm. Bamboo palm is a beautiful indoor plant. Its wise to transplant your palm as soon as you can after purchase.

Bamboo palm chamaedorea seifrizii easy growing care tips. Many of our artisans were selected to custom manufacture artificial plants and trees as part of the multi million dollar renovation of the landmark tropicana las vegas casino hotel resortthe goal was to bring back the south beach miami feel that the location had when it first opened. Plant your areca palm in fertile soil and give it a monthly fertilizer application to maintain a lush look.

Moreover with very few leaves it can become lanky over time. The bamboo palm is available in 2 sizes at around 3 feet in a 10 pot and 5 feet in a 14 growpot. Choose a container for the palm 2 inches 5 cm larger than the nursery pot.

The plant gives a nice tropical look to the indoor environment and also helps in removing certain toxic indoor air pollutants. Healthy palm plants have dark green leaves and an erect habit. How to grow bamboo palm plants.

There is nothing like rainwater to water your bamboo plants with. The areca palm prefers a moderate amount of water. The deep green to blue green foliage of bamboo palms are what makes them beautiful houseplants.

Native to forests in mexico guatemala and honduras it can now be often seen across florida and hawaii where it is. If youre looking for a versatile palm that has a great reputation for filtering out indoor air pollutants this is a great choice. The pot should have adequate drainage holes.

Growing palms indoors is relatively easy if you start with a healthy plant. Failure to give the bamboo palm proper lighting can lead to a loss of fronds and you may end up with a sticklike plant with few leaves. They are slow growers and you can plant them from seeds.

It can be 4 6 feet tall indoors with a spread of around 3 to 5 feet. It sort of works like a natural fertilizer for indoor plants. This decorative palm is rightfully very popular as both an indoor and outside plant growing well directly in the soil in outdoor container pots and inside homes.

Place indoor plants in a southeast facing window of the home. Palm trees and bamboo inside the tropicana hotel walkways enhanced with indoor custom made palm trees. Plant hardiness zones 8 through 11.

The bamboo palm with common names reed palm or indoor bamboo is a relative of the lady palm kentia and majesty palm species.

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