Bamboo Tree Indoor Care

Bamboo Tree Indoor Care

How to care for lucky bamboo plant in indoors. To care for an indoor bamboo plant water it every day or as often as necessary to keep the soil lightly moist.

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Caring for an in house healthy bamboo plant does not involve much stress or time or even money.

Bamboo tree indoor care. Posted by ragin cajun in home gardening. Buying an unhealthy bamboo plant will need more effort for caring than a healthy one. Additionally since bamboo likes humidity mist the leaves with a spray bottle every few days.

Too much shade can result in a weak plant that does not grow to its fullest potential or develop its brilliant color. For growing these plants in water change the water every ten days to promote good health. Indoor bamboo is a hydroponic plant and does great when provided with plenty of water.

The water level must be 2 to 3 inches above the root level. These simple and easy caring steps can make your indoor bamboo plant healthy and green. Indoor bamboo can look stunning and really set off the atmosphere of a room or office.

Erring on the side of underwatering is best. Once a year treat the plant with a high nitrogen fertilizer to support its rapid growth. The most important thing while watering the bamboo plant is avoiding water containing excessive amounts of fluoride and chlorine.

Note that the content of this page will be referring to bringing bamboo species indoors and not to those commonly named lucky bamboo that are not related to the bamboo family. If the soil is constantly oversaturated with water the roots will suffocate and can rot. While buying a bamboo plant always remember that if you smell a bad odor then do not buy it as probably the plant is rotten from inside.

Remember that too much direct sunlight can damage the plant and less amount will weaken it. Indoors keep your bamboo by your brightest window and rotate the pot every week or so to be sure all sides of the plant get light. You need to put your indoor bamboo plant near a window so it can get the right amount of sunlight.

Bamboo prefers a spot that gets full sun to partial shade. Bamboo is a moisture loving plant but an over watered bamboo will not survive. Choose your planter carefully.

Step by step procedure for caring indoor bamboo plants. However it does need at least a little light to grow and must not be kept in dark places. These plants require almost six hours of sunlight so place your lucky bamboo wisely.

The lucky bamboo plant prefers low and indirect light and that is why it is kept indoors in such areas. Good drainage is the key to healthy bamboo.

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