Crochet Definitions

Crochet Definitions

Crochet is typically done with yarn or thread. Wire crochet is most commonly used to create crochet jewelry although it can also be used to create sculptures.

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Crochet definitions. Oz ounceounces which is likely to be seen on yarn labels or in the portion of crochet patterns explaining how much yarn is needed. Pm place marker. D knitting sewing to make a piece of needlework a garment etc by looping and intertwining thread with a hooked needle crochet hook n.

Also on this page. Knitting sewing work made by crocheting. Generally a definition of special abbreviations is given at the beginning of a book or pattern.

Terms common measurements tunisian abbreviations abbreviation term differences between the us united kingdom uk and canada. Most typically this material is yarn or crochet thread but it might also be fabric wire twine or other innovative material. Applied slip stitch crochet.

Both below and in the printable version of the crochet terms printable chart youll see the crochet abbreviation followed by a description. This may be measured in other ways including grams g meters m or yards yd. Vb chets ez.

Entrelac crochet is another technique that usually uses tunisian crochet for construction. These definitions reflect us. N or cheted ed.

Insert hook a short distance away yarn over hook figure 1 and pull a new loop up and through loop on hook figure 2. Crochet definition needlework done with a needle having a small hook at one end for drawing the thread or yarn through intertwined loops. Also please note that there is a difference between us crochet terminology and uk crochet terminology.

See the full definition for crochet in the english language learners dictionary. A method of making cloth or clothing by using a needle with a hook at the end to form and weave loops in a thread. Filet crochet filet crochet is a crocheted fabric with an open mesh weave constructed from chain stitches and double crochet stitches.

Pc popcorn a textured crochet stitch similar to clusters and bobbles. Below is a list of some of the more commonly used crochet terms. Crochet is a needlework technique performed using a crochet hook plus fiber or other similar material.

English language learners definition of crochet. However you can crochet with a whole range of alternative materials from plastic to glass. With crochet hook right side facing and holding yarn under fabric and hook on right side of work insert hook through fabric pull up a loop.

Patterns using these stitches usually explain how the designer intends the stitch to be made at the beginning of the pattern where you will also see the crochet abbreviation preferred by. Many filet crochet pieces are constructed with a decorative pattern made with a solid mesh in contrast to the more open mesh of the background.

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