Crochet Scarf Keeps Curling

Crochet Scarf Keeps Curling

If you are good at crochet you could do the same with crochet and add a decorative crochet border around your project. Here are three ways ive learned to help deal with curling crochet.

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It could be the nature of the yarn you are using your hook size or your tension to name a few.

Crochet scarf keeps curling. And lining the scarf with fabric which holds it in place. Finally you can also just call it a design element and live with the curl. So youve already completely finished your stockinette stitch scarf or blanket.

Sometimes the best thing is just to keep going and hope that its all going to work out fine. There are actually quite a few reasons as to why your crocheting will curl. This word used to fill me with dread.

Below i will go over the most common reasons your crochet corners are curling up while you work or once youve finished a crochet piece. There are some projects which will look curly for a while but which will straighten out naturally as you add more to the work. Dropping stitches and changing the scarf to ribbing instead of stockinette.

The curl that goes away just when you thought you knew all the causes of curly crochet. To stop those edges from curling its almost always possible to pick up and knit stitches on the sides or completely around your knitting project. But over time you get to know how and why your crochet is doing what its doing so for those of you out there that have questions about twisting curving crochet and maybe how to deal with it.

Other options include intentionally dropping stitches which opens up the fabric and gives it a lacy look.

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