How Many Teeth Do Garden Snails Have

How Many Teeth Do Garden Snails Have

The teeth are arranged in rows on a chitinous ribbon and together form the radula. They grab their food put it in their tiny mouth and take it to the radula.

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The factor that will influence the amount of teeth snails will have depends on the type of species.

How many teeth do garden snails have. This creature has over 14000 teeth. The number of teeth that make up the radula of a snail varies according to the species although sites assure that the exact number of teeth is around 25000. They do not use these teeth to chew though.

One of the strangest type of land creatures teeth is the common garden snail. The average garden snail has around 14000 teeth. Is there any animal with more.

Once the snail has gotten its food it takes it to the radula where it scrapes it over and over again until it finally breaks it up enough to continue the digestion process. Snails have a band of thousands of microscopic teeth on their tongue. Snails have thousands of teeth which are used for scraping or cutting food.

The arrangement and shape of teeth varies from family to family. Currently many sources assure that the number of teeth is close to 25000. The eating process of a snail is pretty much like ours.

Ann williams colne lancs. A typical radula may have 120 rows of 100 teeth ie. Around 12 000 teeth though some species may have more than 20 000 teeth.

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