How To Organize Legos By Part

How To Organize Legos By Part

Organizing by color almost everyone begins by sorting their lego bricks by color. We put duplo legos in another spot more on that later.

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A boy age seven and a girl age four.

How to organize legos by part. Sorting by favorites or frequency of use is a good method if youre organizing a childs lego collection because it can help you identify pieces that you may be able to get rid of when your child needs room for other toys books or belongings. Encourage him or her to tell you what they think each category should be. How to sort and store your lego bricks using an ikea cabinet and plastic drawer systemsthe lego parts are organized by colour and brick type.

Unfortunately most lego builders quickly discover that this makes it really hard to find a specific small part as its hard to pick out a specific small part in a container full of bricks of the same color. Place the lego pieces into containers based on accessibility. Do you find sorting lego to be time consuming and inefficient.

Sort pieces by shape and function not color. Ask yourself these questions before you start organizing all the lego parts. Where do your kids play with their legos.

This part can be completely customized based on how your master builder thinks. We have a few different ways we organize lego bricks in the steininger household. Where do they want to play with their legos.

This is a video tutorial showing you my technique for sorting lego as efficiently as. For starters in our family room we have several shelves in which either i or my kids build the products and then use to display and bring down to play additionally he built a wooden play table with lego baseplates on top and drawers around it so the. Lego storage key 1.

This way when they are looking for a specific piece their unique perspective will lead them to find it. I have two kids. My son agreed that his bedrooms a sensible spot to store and organize legos at least the more grown up sets.

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