How To Organize Refrigerator Shelves

How To Organize Refrigerator Shelves

Itll give you the chance to throw away things you dont want and youll be able to visualize the space. Then i wipe down all surfaces.

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In general food safety experts say you should organize your food based on the temperatures that food needs to be cooked at more on that later.

How to organize refrigerator shelves. Green or unripe tomatoes are ripened on the counter but ripe tomatoes are most flavorful when stored at 55 f. Take out all the food and clean your refrigerator. Its easy to stick half eaten takeout into the refrigerator and forget about it but that thinking is a reason why you need to learn how to organize your refrigerator in the first place.

How to organize the top shelves of your refrigerator. Your food will also last longer if you store everything in the proper place so you want have to throw away wasted food as often. Drinks and prepared foods can also live on the middle shelf if you ran out of room up top.

Empty the entire fridge and determine what has expired. Also m ake sure your shelves are set up at the right levels to maximize your fridge space. Eggs fruit that doesnt fit in the drawers anything that didnt fit on the top shelf.

The back of the bottom shelf is the coldest spot in the fridge so store perishable dairy products here to. Or if you must store them in the fridge harold mcgee in his book on food and cooking recommends taking ripe tomatoes out of the refrigerator a. My first tip to get your refrigerator in tip top shape is to take everything out.

Organizing your refrigerator shelves will help you remember what items you have on hand and whats running low. On the bottom shelves. Next take out the vegetable and fruit drawers and rinse them with hot soapy water.

How to organize your refrigerator shelves. With that in mind keep the top shelf reserved for leftovers and pre cooked foods. Store food in reusable containers offers nass.

What not to store in the refrigerator tomatoes. Youll save money and time when you find the right place for your meat produce dairy products and. Unless you have a wine refrigerator ripe tomatoes should be kept in a cool dark place.

Make your fridge work for youanything going into it should be conforming to your storage systemso be ready with your own containers. Start with a clean space and adjust your shelves.

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