How To Pray Jummah At Home

How To Pray Jummah At Home

Its not possible to pray jummah at home. Women do not have to go to friday prayers at the mosque and instead may choose to pray at home.

Jummah Prayer

Home mosque how to pray jummah at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus many of the masajid are closed.

How to pray jummah at home. The muadhin gives the first adhan. Some of the scholars are against the opinion of praying jumma at home. Now please note that this is not required because this is not dhuhr prayers.

If one cant pray jummah then he should pray 4 rakat zuhr as usual at home. We dont pray jummah at home. If in a group you chose a leader and pray.

Both english and arabic versions shown below. Shaikh mamdouh demonstrates on the masjid alsalam facebook page how to pray salat ul jummah at home with those within the household. You should instead pray the 4 rakat zuhr at home.

Men are obliged to go to friday midday prayers jummah except if they are ill or too old to attend. This is quite precise guideline to perform jummah at home in sha allah c. If you are praying home alone then you pray your normal zuhr.

Decide who will be the khateeb the person who will lead the prayer and who will be the muadhin the person who will recite the adhan and the iqamah. You may listen to any speech on friday but jumah khutbah salah should be in person where imam is delivering khutbah leading jumah salah. The condition for jummah prayer is that it needs to be done in the public and we cannot perform it alone or secretly.

We can perform jummah at home with our family members with four people an imam and a minimum of three followers. And its not allowed to be prayed at home so its not possible. People should pray together in a large park or on the roads standing at minimum 3 feet distance from each other.

After that the imam can start the 2 fard rakat of jummah prayers jammat. However you still have a bath wear clean clothes and perfume yourself. Jummah is in a group.

This is the way you should follow if you cant pray jummah. As a result if you are praying at home you simply cannot perform jummah prayer rather you have to pray duhr prayer as usual. It is the shaikhs recommendation that people perform jummah at home if possible instead of dhuhr on friday.

Everyone at your salat al jumuah may pray their four rakats of sunnah salah. A minimum of 4 adults with at least 2 males are required. But theres a solution to your problem.

The following are few guidelines from imam saeed qureshi on how to perform jummah at home in few simple steps.

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