Indoor Braided Hibiscus Tree

Indoor Braided Hibiscus Tree

Keep the indoor temperature above 65 degrees fahrenheit. The exposed trunks of braided hibiscus add an additional element of style and focus the blooms and foliage at the top of the plant.

Hibiscus Tree Care Complete Guide On Growing Hibiscus

Wonderful used as an entry way focal point or brightening a sunny corner.

Indoor braided hibiscus tree. According to hidden valley hibiscus the tree can die within a few hours if its outdoors when temperatures fall to 32 degrees fahrenheit or lower. When you know how to form a hibiscus braided tree you can save money and have the satisfaction of creating a beautiful plant work of art. The braided hibiscus can grow as large as 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide but its easily kept to a more manageable size with frequent pruning.

Bring the plants indoors and they will reward you with flowers in winter. This hibiscus species is a tropical plant suitable for growing in gardens and pots in warm climates. Most forms are small shrubs to diminutive plants no taller than 5 to 6 feet 15 m tall.

They do best in full sun with 6 8 hours of bright exposure per day and warm temperatures. What is a braided hibiscus. Tropical chinese hibiscus is suitable for usda plant hardiness zones 9 and 10 but makes excellent patio plants in summer where temperatures are cooler.

Remove the braided hibiscus tree gently from the nursery container and place it in the hole checking for depth and adjusting accordingly. The braided hibiscus tree is the chinese hibiscus hibiscus rosa sinensis. For container grown plants its important to trim them frequently to encourage more side shoots and flowers and to limit the need for a larger root system.

Braided hibiscus trees require the same care as any other hibiscus. The braided hibiscus is usually grown in pots. The twisted hibiscus tree needs to be placed indoors during the winter months in most regions.

Theyll grow happily in a pot on your patio or in your home or in the ground if you live in southern florida. Avoid placing the plant in areas exposed to cold drafts or the dry air from heat vents. Backfill the planting hole just about halfway and add.

In the tropics the chinese hibiscus can form a small tree. The twisted hibiscus tree also needs less water in the winter to prevent damage to the roots of the tree. Big bold blooms and lush glossy foliage make hibiscus a tropical knock out in the patio and houseplant category.

The chinese hibiscus is a shrub or small tree with woody stems from 3 to 16 feet 1 to 5 m tall. Its evergreen leaves are shiny dark green some cultivars have variegated foliage and elliptic with a toothed margin and a pointed tip. The stems of several chinese hibiscus plants are braided to create the braided hibiscus.

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