Jellyfish Shot Recipe

Jellyfish Shot Recipe

Float enough baileys on top to cover the shot and then drop a few drops of grenadine into it. There are quite a few worthy brands that remain very affordable.

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The jelly fish shot is definitely one of the craziest shots out there.

Jellyfish shot recipe. As a rule the more alcohol in your shot the more varied the texture of the jelly and the more time it will take to set. By jas on jun 19 2016 modified. The important thing to be aware of is setting time and the texture of your jelly.

Dec 1 2020 this post may contain affiliate links that will share small commission but wont change your price this blog generates income via ads please read our disclosure. The jellyfish shot is a great drink for a christmas or new years eve party. Pour the creme de cacao and amaretto into a shot glass.

Keep the ingredients refrigerated before mixing. Top with a layer of amaretto and then baileys best pouring slowly over a teaspoon. Keep the ingredients refrigerated before mixing.

This drink here looks like a natural work of art and does actually have the vibe of an actual jellyfish. Fill half of a shot glass with creme de cacao. That said youll find it best to choose a clean tasting vodka.

Make sure all your gelatin leafpowder and your sugar are fully dissolved or youll get a grainy runny gel. Fill half of a shot glass with creme de cacao. The jellyfish shot retains its popularity mainly because of the effect of a few drops of grenadine into the shot to create tentacles and thus jellyfish appearance.

The jellyfish is designed to be more of a novelty drink than anything else and theres really no need to pour your best vodka with all these flavors. 3 once your audience is at the ready add a drop or two of cream to create the jellyfish 4 bask in your utter coolness. 2 slowly and carefully pour the alcohols into a shot glass in the order listed using a spoon to gently ease each liquid into the glass in order to maintain separated layers.

It looks just like a jellyfish. Theres no better way to jazz up a party even more with wild and delicious drink concoctions. As an artist i love to create visually arresting subjects so i see drinks as an opportunity to do just that.

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