Organize Everything

Organize Everything

A cluttered home will only be more difficult to organize so focus on keeping the stuff you really need and donating what you dont. As a self employed person i find it so so so important to be as organized as possible.

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Crates or plastic bins will work just as well but boxes are best because you can just recycle them when youre done organizing and wont have to deal with more clutter.

Organize everything. Think about where it makes sense to store each category of clothing and then think about the easiest spots to reach in your closet. Dedicate a day or probably a few days to going through junk drawers closets your basement and kitchen pantry and focus on just those items youve worn used or eaten recently. Keep lists of everything and let your brain do heavy work instead of using it to remember mundane stuff.

So much of what i do on a daily basis happens online. Organizing your pantry is tough especially with so many different types of foods to store. This may sound a little chicken or the egg but before you can organize any space you need to make sure you only have the necessities.

Trash what is obviously trash as you go and use your cleaning products as necessary. March 13 2018 61 comments. Get organized digitally back up everything thats important to the cloud storage and keep the files organized there too.

Dont simply leave something on your nightstand create a space specifically for that item. As you work one room at a time make a pile in the middle of the room where you throw everything that needs to be sorted. Sometimes there is just too much of them if you need to sort them out try journaling.

Once youve sorted everything find or make a home for similar items label the homes and put them in the proper places. If your house is unorganized you probably dont have designated places for all your things. By getting rid of most of your packaging and transferring everything be it flour and sugar or crackers and nuts to more compact stackable containers youll have a space you love.

How i organize everything. Instead of resigning items to a certain room or area keep track of a very specific location for everything in your home. If there are scattered items then group them together.

Grabbing a bunch of clear plastic or glass containers and labeling everything. As an experiment choose one place in your home that you can re organize. The key to success though.

Because of this ive perfected a bunch of systems to keep me incredibly organized. Most people start the organizing process in their bedrooms which makes sense. Now put everything back together in a way that makes sense to you utilizes all of your available space and is attractive enough to motivate closet maintenance.

Organize your clothes shoes and accessories. This simple yet effective technique will help you organize your life and your thoughts as well. Before you begin to figure out where everything should go you should get a number of boxes and label them for different purposes.

To manage your lists you can use apps like todoist or wunderlist or simply use a small notebook you can carry around. Find a place for everything you have.

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