Organize Legos By Color Or Type

Organize Legos By Color Or Type

Mini figures live in their own cases. Using legos and storing them again after use.

Organizing Legos By Color The Homes I Have Made

You can sort legos into whatever categories that make sense to your child.

Organize legos by color or type. Legos are contained into one central spot rather than various boxes that can be sprinkled throughout the room. In the lego model shop where quick visibility and access to the pieces are vital to inspire all the creative ways to combine bricks legos are stored by color size and type. 5 sort your lego bricks by set to make it easy to rebuild the sets.

3 divide the lego parts by size to keep similar bricks together. 4 group pieces by color and size or color and type to get specific. Find the right color compartment and toss it in.

One word of warning about sorting lego by color however. This genius method of playing with legos in a way that allows for quick and easy clean up is thanks to husbands mom. And better yetbricks are super easy to put away.

A word of warning. Unfortunately most lego builders quickly discover that this makes it really hard to find a specific small part as its hard to pick out a specific small part in a container full of bricks of the same color. Legos pieces are easy to find.

Organizing by color almost everyone begins by sorting their lego bricks by color. 2 separate your lego pieces by type to easily find specific parts. This makes finding just the right piece quick and easy.

Lego storage key 2. After you break pieces into categories use a separate bin or drawer to hold each type of piece. If you have a medium or large collection sorting by color actually makes finding the specific piece you need more difficult.

Think about thistrying to find one green 22 brick in a bin of all green lego bricksor trying to find one green 22 brick in a bin of multi colored 22 bricks.

Organizing Legos By Color The Homes I Have Made

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Organizing Legos By Color The Homes I Have Made

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